March 6, 2008

Tata to set up WiMAX network in India

Tata,the brand which has captured the faith of millions in India and the name which symbolizes trust has planned to introduce WiMax services in 35 cities by 2010.The reputed US. based Telsima Corporation has been selected to implement wireless broadband network in India.BSNL plans to introduce full fledged WIMax services by 2009 and the Anil Ambani owned RComm will roll out WiMax services later this year in all the major cities.So we can expect heavy competition from all the top players in providing the best services to the end users.Tata Communications has planned to invest $500 million by 2010 for setting up WiMax network in the country to offer high speed wireless Internet.If reliable sources are to be believed the company has already started offering WiMax services in Bangalore and it is expected to launch the same in Calcutta later this year.The pricing details have not yet been disclosed but it is believed that prices would be reasonable and consumer friendly.

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