March 29, 2008

How to fight Stress?

Stress doesn't mean it always has to be negative.A certain amount of tension is helpful for a productive and interesting.After all,stress can help us to perform better.There are 2 types of stress.The good stress is called the eustress and on the other hand the bad stress is called as distress.Eustress invigorates the mind and body and produces positive effects whereas distress produces tension that can harm your body and cause illness.Research has found that workplace stress has lead to attrition.So its important for the employers to see to that the employees find time to de-stress and relax.Its really important to find out whether you are really stressed out or not?These are some of the common symptoms that are associated with stress.
  • You feel very irritated
  • You have trouble concentrating
  • You can't rest.A lot of thoughts keep spinning through your head.
  • You find it very hard to make important decisions.
  • You become very moody and confused.
  • You are restless and lack energy to get things done.

Let me suggest some ways through which you can alleviate the effects of stress.
Believe it or not,Yawning can help you relax by stretching the muscles,increasing oxygen intake and releasing tension.Yawn loudly and stretch your arms several times a day.Waling can also help to reduce the stress levels and improve overall quality of life.Walk whenever you can.Laughter lowers blood pressure and and reduces hypertension.It also reduces stress hormones and triggers the release of endorphins-body's natural painkillers.Lavender helps you relax.Before drying off after a shower,place a 3 drops of lavender essential oil on a damp washcloth and rub it gently over your body.The soothing active agents in the lavender oil will enter your body through your skin and nose.You diet also plays a vital role.A balanced diet is essential to maintain a healthy life.Nuts that are good sources of vitamins and minerals soothe the nerves and helps to combat stress and increase concentration.Exercise regularly as it can help to beat stress.Take a break.Take some time off and plan a short vacation as it can help you to achieve real relaxation.So guys fight stress to lead a healthy and happier life.


Twiggina said...

Thanks for your very useful tips!

Alva said...

Thnks for ur tips and i think it will b perfect if u do exercise on regular basis.

Humanus said...

There are lots of stressful good and bad situations in our lives and it is impossible to avoid them. If you are able to control it and don't take it close to your heart, everything will be ok.

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These tips are very useful for me,thanks for posting them.