November 28, 2007

Launchy....Fast,Quick and Easy

Launchy is a free windows utility designed to help you forget about your start menu, the icons on your desktop, and even your file manager.Launchy indexes the programs in your start menu and can launch your documents, project files, folders, and bookmarks with just a few keystrokes!.....You can download this software from

November 24, 2007

Business Quiz 2

1.Which was the first company to use diesel engines in passenger cars?

2.Who was the first international cricketer to carry commercial sponsorship on his bat?

3.Which company's pizza was the first to be served in the International space station thereby making it the first pizza consumed in space?

4.The Goldman-Sachs Foundation extends assistance on a global scale in which field?

5.Which was the first commercial passenger made by the Airbus consortium to enter commercial service?

6.Which lubricants company was setup by a man named Charles Cheers Wakefield?

7.Which organization developed the Department purpose Analysis Technique to define the real purpose of each department?

8.Which large Indian housing finance company celeberated its twenty-fifth year of existence in 2002?

9.In 1970 Hayawaka Electric industry Co Ltd changed its name to what?

10.Blue Harbour is a range of clothes from which international retail chain?

The answers will be published in the next edition of business quiz...Send in your responses to

November 20, 2007

Worlds fastest Train: 574.8kmph.

The French claimed the world's fastest "train on rails" title by accelerating a modified TGV to a top speed of 574.8km/h (356mph).

November 17, 2007

Amazing masterpiece- Archos 605 WiFi

The Archos 605 Wifi is a sleek media player with a high resolution, 4.3 inch touch screen that can play all your favorite music, movies, television programs, photos and pdf files. And with 160GB of storage disk there is room for everything. The player is enabled with WiFi to surf the web, share content and for streaming video. It has the highest resolution screen(800*480) which is better than the ipod and the touch screen enables better navigation.


  • Capacities: 4GB Flash + SDHC Slot, 30GB, 80GB, 160GB
  • Size: 122 x 82 x 15 mm (4GB / 30GB), 122 x 82 x 20 mm (80GB / 160GB)
  • Weight: 150gr (4GB), 190g (30GB), 260g (80GB / 160GB)
  • Screen: 800x480 pixels, 4.3'' TFT LCD, 16 million colors – Touch Screen
  • Video Support: WMV, DivX, XviD, MPEG4, (H.264 +AAC*, MPEG-2 AC3 5.1*Optional Plugin)
  • Audio Support: MP3, WMA, WAV (AAC*, AC3* Optional Plugin)
  • Photo Support: JPEG, BMP, PNG
  • Battery Life: 17 Hours Audio, 5.5 Hours Video
  • Recording: Video (MPEG4 640x480 @ 30FPS), Audio (WAV)
  • Other Features: Wi-Fi (802.11g), Opera Browser (optional), PDF viewer

This amazing masterpiece which is considered to be the next generation of portable entertainment comes at $400 price tag for a 160gb model...It can be a little heavy on the pockets but no other player can match the features of archos..It's definitely worth it..

November 14, 2007

Business Quiz 1 Answers

The answers to the business quiz 1 are as follows

1. BMW…It was launched in 1929

2. Oprah Winfrey

3. The Boeing Company

4. Coca-cola

5. AOL Time Warner

6. Ernst & Young

7. Jet Airways

8. Smithkline Beecham

9. Standard chartered bank


November 11, 2007

Amazing facts

  • Want to try your hand at some paper folding?A dry sheet of paper cannot be folded in half more than 7 times
  • A single bolt of lightning can heat up the atmosphere to 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit
  • A compass never points to the geographic north but to the magnetic north
  • Ancient science? In the 2nd Century B.C Greek astronomer Erstosthenes accurately measured the distance around the earth at about 40,000 km but nobody believed him
  • You do know that light travels faster than sound.But did you know that sound travels 3 times faster through water than through air?

November 10, 2007

MSF/MBA in U.S Universities

I have compiled a list of the best US universities that offer MSF/MBA programs. The duration of MSF(ms in finance) is short and it strictly focuses on finance and financial markets while an MBA, by contrast, is more diverse, covering general aspects of not dealt with in the MSF - such as human resource management and operations management. Moreover the MBA program is very expensive when compared to MSF.I am sure that this list along with the application deadlines and the exam requirements will certainly prove beneficial to the 2009 applicants.

Click on the link below to download the file


It’s really hard to find any information regarding MSF.The reference links above can provide requisite information on MSF...If you know of any corrections or additions to the list please mail them to I wish you all success in the pursuit of your MBA/MSF program.

November 7, 2007

Business Quiz 1

1.Which company's first car was named Dixi?

2.Which television personality founded Oxygen Media in 1998 with Geraldine Laybourne,Marcy Carsey,Tom Werner and Caryn Mandabach?

3.Which company was initially incorporated as Pacific Aero Products Company?

4.Which corporate giant purchased Columbia in 1982?

5.New Line Cinema and Castle Rock Entertainment belong to which company?

6.Which professional services company would you associate with the motto 'From thought to Finish'?

7.Naresh Goyal is the founder of which Indian airline?

8.Which company launched the world's first Hepatitis A vaccine?

9.In association with which bank did the Indian Railways launch its first credit card in June 1999?

10.Which online retail organization has a patented ordering system named '1-Click'?

The answers will be published in the next edition of business quiz...Send in your responses to

November 4, 2007

Business Quiz

Friends, I will be posting questions relating to business once in every two days... This quiz tests your knowledge of all things relating to business...So participate in this quiz regularly and sharpen your business knowledge...Best of luck!

November 1, 2007

Best Internet Shopping Sites in India

I reckon that the internet shopping has gained a lot of momentum in the past few years. A recent online survey on internet shopping habits by Nielsen revealed that about 78% of the Indian respondents (those having internet access) have used the internet to make a purchase while more than 55% of the respondents have made at least one online purchase in the past one month… As many as 73 per cent Indians have purchased airline tickets/reservations in the past three months, this percentage being the highest for any country in Asia Pacific. Globally, travel is the fourth most popular shopping category on the web. .It has also been found that about 84% of the Indians prefer credit cards as the mode of payment option over other alternate options…. For Indians, other popular items for Internet shopping include books (46 per cent), electronic equipment (29 per cent), tours and hotel reservations (24 per cent), videos/DVDs/games (23 per cent), event tickets (23 per cent), clothing/accessories/shoes (21 per cent), and music (20 per cent).So most of the people prefer buying books online. There are a number of shopping sites but it difficult for a layman to choose which one is the best. Here you will find the best shopping sites for various items…

Buy and sell electronics, cars, clothing, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods, digital cameras, and everything else. This site also provides free online auctions on various products.

IndiaPlaza is India’s largest online shop with the best shopping bargains. Purchase online and get the best shopping deals on all our online stores. I am really satisfied with the overall performance of this website. The delivery of products is prompt and safe but the customer service is really bad and needs a lot of improvement.

India's No. 1 online shop and gifts store. Buy mobile phones, MP3/4 players, cameras, computers, ACs, flowers, Indian music etc.

Landmark has the widest range of titles i.e. over 100,000 titles across different sections - bestsellers, business guides, fiction, biographies, computer science, engineering, literature, marketing, art, cinema, religion, graphic novels and many more.

Future Bazaar is India's online shopping site partnered by Big Bazaar, India. Here buyers can buy products ranging from Apparel/Clothing, Mobiles, Cameras, electronics, consumer durables, cameras etc.

It offers a wide range of brands, products and gift certificates. Check out the great shopping deals hers.

Offers online rail ticket booking, and checking of ticket reservation status. Includes train schedules, availability of tickets, and a travel planner. This is the only authorized site available for train bookings online.

For all flight bookings, hotel reservations etc check out the following sites.

For buying mobiles you may consider the following sites. site is still under construction)

If you want to book a flight ticket I would advise you to compare the fares in the above sites and select the best fare. For purchasing books online you can rely on landmark and indiaplaza.They are the best in business..I hope you find this information useful. Any queries or suggestions are welcome…