March 8, 2008

Buy books online

Looking for the best online bookstores in India? I have compiled a list of some of the best online shopping sites for books in India. I advise you to search for the desired book in all these given sites and purchase from the store which offers the lowest price. My personal favorites are rediff, indiaplaza and landmark as they offer the best deals and are quite reliable i.e. the books are shipped within the mentioned time. A few sites also offer free shipping and discounts on bulk purchases. So you better check all the sites for the best offers. Hope this information will be useful to all those who buy books online.

htttp:// (free shipping) shipping) shipping) ( International shipping charges apply)

If you know of any additions please let me know so that I can add them to the list. Your inputs will be appreciated. Thanks for your time.


infibeam said...

Also add one more site to your list is

penandpaper said...

There's also but most of the times I have found the rates much higher than other websites. The best offers are at indiaplaza, atleast 9.5 out of 10 times. Even if you add the shipping charges, their rates are relatively lower.

These's also, which actually sources from indiaplaza. It has also quite low rates.

I have personally used firstandsecond, indiaplaza, bsbazaar, flipkart, rediff and landmark. I ordered at gobookshopping also but their site was not updated, hence actual rates varied remarkably, so got refund. Rest all have been good.

Kishore said... is yet another great online bookstore to watch. They have an amazing collection of books from India, USA and UK. Their service and delivery are very good. Watch this site in the coming days.

goldeneagle said...

Thanks kishore. It was really helpful. I was looking for a book badly and then i came across this blog. They really have a big collection of foreign author books. It seems they even have some sellers from U.S. and they charge only Rs.50 for shipping such books. I bought 5 such books from A1Books and for my surprise i got it within 12 days..


thestorez said...

Also checkout This store is launching soon and is providing a lot of flexible shipping options. The store has an offline book enquiry service where customers can post enquiries about books and their availability or information on any upcoming launches.