March 11, 2008

Make your search simpler

JustDial, this interactive search engine has made searching for any local information on the internet quite easy. You don’t have to refer to yellow pages anymore for finding any information. This service caters to nearly 5 million users a month and covers around 46 cities in India. It has also been estimated that more than 24 million customers are using Just dial services and have found it to be very useful. Guess wat? This company was started with an investment of just $ 1000.Since its inception this company has experienced unprecedented growth and has now become the No. 1 local search engine. Around 80,000 SME advertisers use this superb service to promote their business. Its strong emphasis on customer satisfaction has lead to tremendous growth both in quality and reputation in a short span of time. You can download the Just Dial Toolbar and search for any local information in over 40 cities. Use this innovative service and make your search simpler.

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