March 6, 2008

One Financial

With contract for difference (CFD) the investors don’t have to actually own the shares. All you have to do is own a small fraction of the actual price of the share and you can enjoy reaping the benefits of CFD which include instant settlement, great leverage opportunities and there is no fixed expiry date. The CFD’s have gained a lot of recognition in the recent years and many security markets are planning to issue CFD’s in the near future. One Financial is a leading online CFD broker which offers a wide range of energy commodities in the market. Being one of the best CFD providers ,this service is the investor friendly and it caters to the financial services industry. This reliable online trading portal is based in London and is authorized and regulated by the reputed financial services authority. This is an ideal CFD for beginners platform.It provides 24 hour online trading assistance to investors in foreign exchange, stocks, indices and futures. The most innovative and award winning trading software that is provided by this trading platform enables all the brokers manage their investments in a simple manner. This service has a unique distinction of offering services even in the Middle East. Trading using one financial is secure and quite easy. One financial has a lot of experience working in the IB market and it provides the successful IB programme which has been designed to offer comprehensive office management services .This programme has proved to be very beneficial for all the brokers helping them to manage their investment with ease. Use One financial to maximize your trading opportunities. The 24 hour dedicated customer support team is available in both Arabic and English can respond to all your queries without delay. You can avail the 14 day demo CFD account to learn more about this investor friendly online stock market trading broker.

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