March 19, 2008

Business Quiz-10

1.New Line Cinema and Castle Rock entertainment belong to which company?

2.The famous Silicon Valley is situated in which American state?

3.Which was the first commercial web browser?

4.Which company was the first to manufacture the car radio,the walkie-talkies,the pager and the satellite phones?

5.How is the Blue Ribbon Sports Co known today as?

6.Which Indian state established the country's first ever computer crime cell to detect hi-tech crimes?

7.Name the computer that defeated the world chess champion Gary Kasprov?

8.Which was the first car to be manufactured in India?

9.Which is the world's oldest and largest children's clothing company?

10.What was Motorola previously known as?

The answers will be published in the next edition of business quiz
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1 comment:

ramakanth said...

the answer for the blue ribbon company is nike and not adidas ; adidas was named so after its founder adi dasler and its name never changed from the case of nike it was blue and after the change of name to nike they incorporated the swooch symbol designed by carolyn davidson.....